About Us

We specialise in house & building relocations, using state of the art, specialised removal equipment. Single or multi-level capable.

We are an accredited NZHHA company, able to remove dwellings to storage, or purchase them.

We have a range of site offices, homes and temporary dwellings for purchase, click here for more.

Our Experience
In the house removal business experience is everything. Greig Running combines over 30 years hands on experience with a professional, well organised team to achieve consistent high quality workmanship. This high level of workmanship guarantees customer satisfaction time and time again.

Our Leading Edge
Greigs active participation as a Director of the New Zealand Heavy Haulage association has direct positive benefits that overflow into his own organisation. Greig believes in high standards, clear procedures and embracing technology. This is the key to creating a high level of workmanship. Greig Running's House Relocators ensure they are up to date with the latest advancements in Hydraulic equipment to ensure the safe delivery of your home from start to finish.

Our Core Values
Our core value is to take the upmost care of your asset by utilising practical hands on approach to your relocation project. We strive to exceed your expectations and value the benefit of good communication.

 Our Specialties
 Amongst our specialities are:             
- Buying and selling houses      
- Contract moving of homes and commercial buildings, such as classrooms, maraes. sports clubs, and more        
- Emergency Response

Health and Safety
Greig Running's House Relocators takes the Health and Safety of the removal team, our customers and the surrounds seriously. As such Greig Running's House Relocators undertake regular independent reviews of their Health and Safety policies and procedures to ensure the workplace is safe for all involved.